What to learn:

Kelley Long, CPA and Certified Financial Planner, helps you budget with the 50/30/20 Budget Rule and gives suggestions for how to make money a bonder in your marriage.

What to do:

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Read and answer the questions below the video together.
  3. Discuss the similarities and differences in your viewpoints.

Questions for Discussion

  • Calculate your take home income divided by 50% (for needs), 30% (for wants), and 20% (for long term goals) and put the numbers into those categories as Kelley suggests. Any surprises here? Is this doable for you as a couple?
  • Are you having regular monthly Money Dates to discuss your finances? If not, you can schedule one now!
  • Do you see some items as needs that your husband or wife sees as wants? How will you resolve those disagreements?

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